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Belize Study Abroad at Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Student Feedback Form
We are very happy you chose to study abroad in Belize! We hope you had a life changing experience here with us :) but just to be sure - we'd like to ask you to share your feedback with us.

Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions while your Belize Study Abroad experience is still fresh in your mind. We are committed to improving our service to students just like you, and your feedback is the most valuable tool in that process.

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How did you hear about the opportunity to study abroad in Belize?
If you learned of the opportunity to study abroad in Belize elsewhere, please tell us below:
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Was there anything that you were particularly nervous about before your field trip to Belize? (Like "weird jungle rashes" or cultural differences)
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Is there something that you WISH you brought with you on the study abroad trip but it wasn't listed on the packing guidelines you were given?
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Would you be interested in returning to Belize in the future to complete an internship with Monkey Bay and/or its partner organizations?
If you were to come back for an internship opportunity with us, please tell us the specific area of interest you would like to focus in on during your time in Belize:
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How much time would you like to invest in an internship opportunity in Belize?
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