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38th Ward (Alderman Nick Sposato) Residents SUPPORTING Indigenous People's Day
Our Alderman is NOT representing our SUPPORT of Indigenous People's Day for the Chicago Public Schools, the City of Chicago, Cook County, and the State of Illinois!

"This effort is in no way anti-Italian or meant to bring any ill-will towards our Italian sisters and brothers, who we know were wrongly discriminated against in previous decades," Sarah Dennis at CPS Board of Education meeting 2/25/20 (quoted in Tribune 2/28/20).

This petition is organized by: Chicago United for Indigenous People's Day, supporters of the American Indian Center and Chi-Nations Youth Council. (Your information will NOT be shared with ANY vendors/or the Alderman. Just the total number of people, and we MAY contact you ONCE to see if you'd be interested in meeting with him on this issue, or making a phone call to his office.)

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