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Tell Laurie Patton To Implement Gender Neutral Bathrooms
The bathrooms in McCollough are currently the only gender-inclusive public spaces on campus and were fought for long and hard by trans and gnc students in 2011. Since then (five years later), the administration has failed to make more bathrooms gender neutral and continues to place the comfort of cisgender folks above the very real needs of trans and gnc people in public spaces. We see the blatant disregard of our struggles as an act of institution-sanctioned violence against those of us who do not always feel safe or comfortable in the bathroom of the gender we were assigned to at birth, and who endure psychological surveillance of our genders every time we need to use a men’s or women’s bathroom. These spaces need to be ours too– for our use, for our safety, for our humanity. We see these acts as part of a larger system of power that creates barriers to access and equity in institutions of higher learning for black and brown people, poor people, disabled folks, and trans/queer/gnc people. We ask our peers to continue to demand all-gendered restrooms across campus. We request that men and women’s bathroom signs be replaced immediately by gender neutral ones in Proctor, Ross, Atwater, Davis Family Library, the CFA, Axinn, Bi Hall, Warner, Munroe, etc,  We hope that Laurie’s vision for inclusivity includes trans and gnc people and so far, we have not been directly addressed. We see gender neutral bathrooms as an important action towards broadening inclusivity on campus.

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