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Elysium Island Festival 2018
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About Art Corner @ Elysium Island Festival 2018
The Art Corner presents a very important piece of the Elysium Island puzzle, and we would like you to bring your craft to it.
May it be clothes, accessories or any handmade crafty little pieces, the abundance of this corner could be the treasured X spot on the hunter's map.

In order to fillfull your expectations and to avoid any inconvinience, please read terms and conditions carefully.

• Please fill in the form in order to register your request for Art Corner on Elysium Island Festival 2018
• The final date to fill in your application is set to be on 30. June 2018.
• In order to secure the place at Art Corner, your application needs to be approved by Elysium
• Shop owners should buy a regular ticket over HADRA website or at your local ambassador
• Place in the art corner is charged per m2 (1 m2 = 20,00 EUR)
• In order to secure your place in the shop corner, you need to pay a deposit of half of the sum, at the latest by 1st July.
• Shop owners will receive a special festival wristband, and only individuals with the bracelet will be able to sell their products at the festival area. Only one person per space will be permitted; if you desire more staff please contact us at
• No timetables. You can open/close your shop whenever you want.
• Food, drinks, and tobacco are not allowed for selling on the marketplace.
• Art Corner will be situated near the main bar, between Elysium Temple and Larva stage and will have appropriate light during night hours. If you require additional electricity please contact us at (additional fees will apply). Shop lights must be made using low energy bulbs, sustainable use of energy is advised, be as eco-friendly as possible.
• Camping on the Art Corner area is not allowed.
• It’s forbidden to start a fire on the festival site, and the use of electrical equipment for cooking is not allowed at the Art Corner.
• Festival is located on the river island, it is mandatory to use environmentally friendly/bio-degradable products.

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