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Property market research
Hello my name is Tara and I'm a student from D2. I would really appreciate it if you filled in this survey for my Business Internal Assessment. It is completely anonymous. Thank you!
What area do you reside in?(¿En qué area resides?)
Do you own the property you reside in? (¿Eres propietario/a de la propiedad en la que resides?)
What price range would you say your property is valued at? (¿Entre qué precios diría que está valorada su propiedad?)
Are you looking to buy a property? (¿Busca comprar una propiedad?)
If so, what would your proposed budget be? (Si es así, ¿qué presupuesto propondría usted?)
What would your ideal location be?(¿Cuál sería su ubicación ideal?)
What would be your main intention for buying a property? (¿Cuál sería su principal intención para comprar una propiedad?)
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