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I am starting a publication! Woo! I want to create a space for all of you wonderful people to contribute your stories and ideas. This form is to gauge interest. This will be a place to share everything from mercury retrograde stories, to memes, to articles on Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Witchcraft, Healing, and anything else your heart wants to discuss. I will also be providing writing prompts for those interested.

This is unpaid, but a great way to share your voice and build your writing portfolio. The publication will it's own entity but heavily connected to yourmomshoroscope and other evolving brands.You will get credit for all work.
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I am working on building a team and community, would you have interest in staying posted on open future positions for my team? :)
Positions will include assistance, outreach, community management, content planning, photography, animation, video editing, and more!
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