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EGHS - Vehicle Registration 2019/2020
**The student will have to bring proof of insurance, their drivers license and form of payment of $190 (cash or check)to the attendance office when picking up the parking permit. Checks can be made payable to: EGHS**
For any further questions please call the Attendance Office (847) 718-4401
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1) Any student selling, buying, or transferring a parking tag or using a parking tag not awarded to them forfeits their current parking privileges. Students may not use another student's tag or loan theirs to another student. Students may use their parking tags in vehicles owned and insured by themselves and or their parent/guardian only. Parking tags may not be used in other students cars. * *
2) Cruising around the parking lot or loitering in cars before, during or after school is not permitted. Loitering in the lot or a car during closed campus periods will be construed as a violation of the closed campus policy and will result in severe disciplinary consequences. * *
3) Unoccupied cars must be kept locked at all times. School board policies and insurance coverage do not cover damage or harm to private vehicles. The owner of the vehicle must assume all losses. * *
4) Students may leave campus in cars only during their scheduled lunch periods unless otherwise authorized to do so, and if they have "open lunch criteria" permission. Unauthorized departures could result in loss of the parking tag. * *
5) Speeding, reckless driving, exhibition driving, or driving with a person on the outside of the car (on the hood, trunk or fender) will be reason for immediate and permanent revocation of driving privileges. The speed limit in the lot is 10mph. * *
6) Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not of right. *
7) The issuance of this parking permit/tag does not assure a parking space. First come, first served for spaces. * *
8) Permit/tag must be displayed on the BACK LEFT BOTTOM side of the vehicle (behind the driver's side of vehicle). Failure to display permit will result in disciplinary action. * *
9) Noncompliance with the aforementioned driving regulations can result in revocation of the permit/parking privilege. * *
10) Parking tags can be revoked from students due to unexcused absences. This determination will be made by the students dean. * *
11) As a parent/legal guardian of the student named on this application, consent is hereby granted to drive to school. It is requested that a parking permit be issued for the vehicle identified on this application. I understand that in accordance with current Board of Education policies and the provisions of the Statues of the state of Illinois, the school will not be responsible when the vehicle is off school property. I also understand and accept the Driving Regulations stated above. * *
12) As a student at a district high school, I understand the above statement signed by my parent/guardian and hereby agree to assume the responsibility associated with the privilege of driving to school and use of the school parking lot facilities. I also understand, accept, and agree to abide by the high school driving regulations. * *
13) As parent/guardian and student, we fully release and discharge and agree to identify, hold harmless and defend Township High School District 214, including the Board of Education, its members, officers, agents, independent contractors, and employees from and against all claims for injuries, damages and losses caused or sustained by ourselves or others through participation in this program. The vehicle(s) described above is (are) owned and insured by us. * *
14) School officials reserve the right to search student vehicles when the reasonable grounds dictate. *
15) Students may not park in the front lot or in any spaces that are marked with the white lines. These are spaces reserved for staff parking. All students spaces are marked with yellow lines. *
16) There are no refunds for revoked parking privileges.
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