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Graves Foundation Funding Alignment Assessment
Answer the following questions to assess your organization's alignment with the Graves Foundation funding priorities. We will receive all submitted forms and be in touch if we perceive alignment. Current and past grantees should contact us directly to discuss additional funding requests.
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Which funding priority does your mission align with? *
Are you a "grassroots" organization or a public institution? *
Does your organization's leadership team include people from the community that you serve? *
If you answered "no" to previous two questions, your organization does not align with our funding parameters; you may exit the assessment. If you answered "yes" to the previous two questions, please briefly describe your organization and continue the assessment. *
Please briefly describe the project/program for which you are requesting funding. *
Please briefly describe your funding need. *
What is your annual operating budget? *
Whom should we contact to discuss further? Please include name, title, and email address. *
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