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2017 DreamQuest Academy and Games Staff/Intern/Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in being a part of DreamQuest Academy and DreamQuest Games! I'm sure you will have fun, learn about teaching and game development, and meet some great people. Please provide the following information to our team:
What is your preferred first and last name? *
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What is your preferred email address? *
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What is your mobile phone number? *
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I'm interested in ...
How would you most like to be a part of DreamQuest? *
Why are you interested in becoming a part of our team? *
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What software are you comfortable using? *
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Please rate your comfort level working with kids? *
Kids should be seen and not heard
I work daily with dozens of problem kids
Briefly describe your experience working with kids?
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How many years experience in computer science / programming in general? *
Not a programmer
10+ years experience
Please rate your experience level with Unity game engine *
Never Used
Released several commercial games with it
Please rate your experience with game design? *
Never done
Released several commercial board or videogames
Please rate your 2D artistic illustration skills and experience? *
I can draw stick figures
I have done extensive commercial illustration
Please rate your 3D modeling, rigging, and animation skills and experience? *
Never done
Extensive commercial work in Maya, Max, or Blender
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