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Related Faces Beta Tester Application
Related Faces is currently taking applications for testers.

Related Faces™ is a new and unique tool for genealogists or any person with old photos. We combine treasured old photographs with Related Faces proprietary technology to enrich genealogical searches. Our powerful tools enable our users to:
Identify previously unknown faces in photos
Group faces into photo albums
Create specific profiles for individuals in their photos
Utilize a targeted user collaboration system to identify unknown individuals
Digitize delicate older photos safely with mobile devices

Please answer all of the application questions honestly. We will be doing many rounds of testing and will need many types of users. For example: Previous experience as a tester may not exclude you. We are looking for many people with many skills. numbers of photos, etcetera.

Please note: Testers will be required to sign an Nondisclosure agreement and must abide by the terms of that agreement. Testers may receive free access to the product for a length of time determined by Related Faces, depending on the tester and the requirements of the test being done.

Anyone chosen as a tester will receive communications from Related Faces either by email or telephone.
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Please indicate how much time each week you can apply to testing for Related Faces. *
Please list the top 5 locations where your photos, greater than 50 years old, were taken. (For example: Indiana, USA; Orust, Sweden; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Kolmar, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA.) *
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If you would like to refer one or more potential testers, please type their full name, email address, country of residence and English abilities, if known.
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