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Physical Sciences: Online Assessment Form
Submit your details via the form and complete a short screening test.
1. This test includes 10 multiple-choice questions for correction.
2. It is designed to assess your knowledge of English grammar, word choice, and sentence construction.
3. The entire test should take about 30 minutes to complete.
4. You will not be able to make changes to your answers once you click on “Submit.”
5. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
6. You will not be able to retake the test. You can, however, reapply and reattempt the test after 2 months.
7. We do not share the correct answers as we re-use the test.

If you achieve a passing score on the 1st component of the test, you will be invited to take a round of subject-specific tests, followed by interviews.

All the best!

* If you face any difficulties while attempting the test, email us at Please add this email address to your address book to ensure you receive future emails.

* Please note that we are currently not hiring from the State of New York.

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(1) Select the option that contains one or more grammatically incomplete sentences. *
(2) The following sentences are the opening sentences of a manuscript. Select the option with the correct choices of article (in the order of appearance) for the blanks: “This study focuses on the stand-alone power operation in a house during __ blackout. The purpose of this type of operation, known as __ islanding, is to balance the power supply with load demand fluctuation and to ensure its long-term sustainability.” *
(3) The following sentences are the opening sentences of a manuscript. Select the option with the correct choices of tense (in the order of appearance) for the blanks: Over the past few years, presentation of the thermal sense by which we perceive an object’s temperature and material and recognize dangerous situations ___ a great challenge in the development of haptic displays. Since it was revealed in previous studies that the thermal sense ___ important in human texture perception [1, 2], many haptic displays that show both mechanical skin deformation and temperature changes in the skin have been developed [3, 4]. *
(4) Read the following passage. Below it are 4 statements, of which you need to pick the one that cannot be interpreted from the passage. With inherent safety feature and waste transformation potential and capability of converting fertile fuel to fissile fuel without exposing radiotoxic materials to environment [2], accelerator-driven system (ADS) which helps to burn TRU waste from spent fuel and produce energy at the same time can be good for the next few decades technology in Japan. *
(5) Which of the following sentences has no grammatical errors? *
(6) Select the option that correctly uses prepositions. *
(7) Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? *
(8) From the sentences below, identify the one with the logical comparison. *
(9) How can the following sentence be revised to ensure that it has no grammatical errors? “The Atacama Desert, occupying a 1600 km long strip along the coast of northern Chile and, in addition, is one of the driest regions on Earth.” *
(10) Which of these sentences contains an example of incorrect word usage? *
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