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Neighborhood Transportation Survey
The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC) is seeking feedback on traffic concerns in the neighborhood. Please answer the following questions regarding any traffic concerns you might have. The results will be used to gauge the level and nature of concern in Sunnyside and help the LUTC develop recommendations in working with the city on these issues.
1. Where do you live? Please list the nearest cross streets (ex. SE 38th & Taylor) *
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2. What is your age?
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3. Do you have children under the age of 18 living with you?
4. How many times per week do you use each of these modes of transportation? *
1-2 times
3-5 times
Practically daily
Personal vehicle
5. Please indicate level of agreement with the following statements about your neighborhood: *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Traffic issues (such as speeding, congestion, aggressive driving) are a problem
Speeding on residential streets is a common occurrence
The streets are walkable, safe, and pedestrian friendly
I am comfortable traveling by bicycle
The streets feel safe for children to play
Traffic accidents occur frequently
Traffic calming techniques (such as speed humps, raised crosswalks, etc.) would be useful for solving traffic issues
6. Please describe the nature and location of any other traffic concerns you may have. (For example, cut through traffic between SE Belmont and Stark during rush hour, vehicles not yielding to pedestrians at marked or unmarked crosswalks, poor visibility at intersections, locations of frequent accidents, etc.)
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7. If you would like to be more involved in the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Land Use and Transportation Committee, please enter your name and email address below.
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