PhD Forum Altec/Lalics/YSI
30-31 October 2019 - Medellín, Colombia

Deadline: 30, June 2019

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Guidelines for submitting papers
1 Contents
A single PDF document should be prepared with the following content:
a) A cover page with the title of the thesis project, the name of the PhD student and the thesis advisor, the PhD program, the institution, the country and the date.
b) An extended summary of the thesis project from 5 to 8 pages, with: a brief introduction; the problem; the hypothesis; the general objective and the specific objectives; the methodology and results to date.
c) Letter of conformity of the thesis advisor in relation to the student's participation in the PhD Forum ALTEC/LALICS/YSI 2019.

2 Sheet format
• Paper size should be letter (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm).
• The margins must be 2.5 cm on each edge of the page (top, bottom, left and right).
• Page numbering should be done using Arabic numerals and sequentially at the bottom right of the page.

3 Text Format
• The paper should be written in English, in a formal and appropriate way in scientific prose.
• The paper should include in sections and subsections, if necessary.
• The extension must be 5 to 8 pages, including references.
• Tables, figures, and graphs must be called from the text and consecutively numbered, with the title centered on the top and the source centered on the bottom.
• All text should be written in simple space.
• The Times New Roman font should be used.
• Table 1 shows the fonts and font sizes to use.

4 References
• For citations and references, use the current version of the APA standard.

5 Submission for evaluation
• The paper should be sent in PDF format in only one file.

Table 1
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