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Apply to be a mentor at Diffusion 2019

At Diffusion 2019 a mentor is an expert that supports the teams participating. Mentors will help the teams of developers during the hackathon event compete in challenges. These challenges include the build of dapps, network improvements, stack integrations, tooling and documentation, to accelerate adoption and network growth.

Mentors come in various forms; technical, legal, business, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data science, cryptography, regulation, etc.

Mentors contribute to the success of the hackathon by guiding the teams around obstacles, working closely with the teams and encouraging collaboration between them.


Mentors at Diffusion 2019 will be integral to helping teams build a DApp on the technology stack to power a new data economy.

Being at the event will give mentors access to some of the most exciting, ambitious projects in the space, joining the world’s elite developers and working alongside technical teams across The Convergence Stack such as Fetch.AI, Sovrin, Cosmos, Enigma, Agoric, Chainlink, SEED, Ocean Protocol, and Haja Networks.

They will also be able to build their network and profile by interacting and connecting with academia including Imperial University; other investors; and multiple blue chip companies.


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