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Women of Steele - Win a thing!
The Women of Steele proposed product range - What do you use and how do you use it ?
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Where are you from friend? *
Do you own a smartwatch or Fitness Tracker? If so, what kind? *
What is THE most important thing your smartwatch does or could do for you ? *
If you have one, what are the present limitations of your smart watch? Is the display a bit dim? Is the battery time a bit short? Is it properly waterproof?
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How often do you wear your smartwatch *
If you could wear your smart watch / tracker "thing" as a pendant or a bracelet or a ring, or even a dongle on your keyring, would you? *
For those that don't have a fitness band / Smart watch, what's stopping you from buying one? Price? Function? Current style?
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Any more you'd like to chat to me about additional functions or "things" you could do with a "Smart watch thing" ? What would lair you into the rabbit hole? A safety SMS function if you were in strife? A brighter display? A low price? Battery life of a month?
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Torches on the go. Do you keep a torch on you at night or if you've parked or biked somewhere? *
Would a long battery life with rechargeable USB power for your bike be a good feature for you ? What else would you like to see in a torch? Waterproof? For it to look GOOD! For it to "do" other things?
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Powerbanks: Do you take a mobile phone battery charger with you when you are out?
What if a little powerbank had some style and acted as a mirror, or had a lamp in it, or even had a duress alarm to bleat out a big "Help me" sound as you were on the move? What if it charged your laptop? What other functions for that powerbank would be useful for you?
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Keyrings: If you had a little and discreet function on a good looking keyring that you could use to do simple things like find your phone, alert someone if you were in strife or make a large noise if you were in strife, would you use it? *
Got your keys ? Got your wallet? Got your phone? What can't you leave home without? *
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Is there anything else tech wise you would pop in your bag when you're out and about ? *
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