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SARS-CoV-2 RNA Transcript Standards Request
Form for requesting SARS-COV-2 RNA transcript standards for common qRT-PCR assays from the Grubaugh Lab.  Standards will be shipped overnight on dry ice, and go out on Tuesday of each week. Standards were generated according to the protocol available here:
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Institutional affiliation *
Due to the volume of requests we receive, if a research group from your institution or region has already received a shipment from us, we may refer you to them.
Confirmation of intended use *
At this time, we are not able to send standards to groups working on for-profit tool development. Please type your initials below to confirm that you understand this limitation, and that you will only be using the provided standards for research and/or testing purposes.
Email address *
You will receive an automated email from our shipping system, eShipGlobal, upon shipment order and delivery. If we encounter complications in preparing your order, or require any permits to deliver oligonucleotides to your area, we will also use this information to contact you.
Address Line 1 *
To ensure the timely delivery of your shipment, please provide an address located in a building where someone is stationed daily during business hours to sign for packages. (Shipments can be delivered to home addresses, if necessary.)
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At this time, due to customs delays faced by international shipments, only shipments going to groups within the U.S. will arrive before the dry ice sublimates.
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This is required information for shipping approval.
FedEx charging number *
One FedEx Priority Overnight shipment on dry ice will be charged to this account number. To ensure the timely delivery of your shipment, please make sure that the number provided is valid.
FedEx charging zip code
Our shipping system requires us to submit the zip code of origin for all FedEx numbers for security/validation purposes. If the charging zip code differs from the mailing address provided above (e.g., if the shipment is being delivered to your home), please provide that zip code here.
Standards/assay map
Standards requested *
50 μL of each requested standard at 1E9 concentration will be provided, sufficient for 10,000 PCR reactions using 5 μL of standard at 1E3 . The image included above provides a basic guide; for more detailed information, refer to the 'Guidelines' section of our protocol:
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