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Nexar Data Scientist Application Form - Dec/2015
Nexar is an early stage startup founded by veteran entrepreneurs and well backed by great investors with the goal of revolutionizing driving and making our roads safer. We are looking for an extremely capable data scientist / hacker to join our small passionate team.

- You are the most curious person you know. You love diving into questions with data, and coming out with knowledge.
- Or you are the most analytical person you know. You always look several steps ahead, and you feel equally at ease dealing with small details as you are with zooming out to their strategic implications.
- You are a data hussler. You will do anything to get your hands on the right datasets, whether it means writing crawlers, submitting freedom of information act requests, finding obscure data providers, or even cornering the VP R&D and demanding additional instrumentation deployed in production.
- You hate vanity metrics. You heard too many times the ‘lies, damn lies, and statistics’ phrase, but you believe that you can extract truth out of statistics.
- You find the right tool for the problem at hand. Yes, some problems may require deploying a 1,000 machines Hadoop cluster, or whipping up a Redshift instance, but for many others, taking Excel or Matlab to the max is probably the best choice.
- Your coding skills are as good as necessary to solve your problems, and you are likely using Python or R. But your true passion is in defining interesting questions and finding answers.
- You are passionate about telling a story with data. You do not settle for bare data. You realize that many times, visualizing the data and the insights that emerge from it are just as important as analyzing the data.

You will dive into the sea of video footage and sensor data that we are collecting and come out with actionable insights on how we drive, where we drive, why we drive ... You will partner with our research and development team to improve our data collection and data quality. You will work alongside content marketing to produce and publish amazing content insights, blog posts and white papers. You will get a chance to assist the executive team in making the best possible decisions based on the insights you’ll be producing.

At the end of the day, you want to work on something that makes the world safer, today. If this reads just like you, whether you have 3 days or 30 years of experience, this is your chance to work in the most exciting big data and machine learning company around.
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