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GroundSwell Survey
A short survey about GroundSwell and how it engages with the Manitoba Community
How many GroundSwell concerts do you generally attend each year?
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What factors encourage you to attend GroundSwell Concerts? (check as many as are applicable)
What factors discourage you from attending a GroundSwell concert? (check all that may apply)
How do you see GroundSwell serving the Manitoba new music community? (check all that may apply)
What do you like about GroundSwell? What would you like GroundSwell to keep doing?
Is there anything you would like GroundSwell to start doing? Do you have any suggestions for changes or improvements?
Is there anything you would like GroundSwell to stop doing?
Do you have any comments or concerns you wish to bring to the attention of the GroundSwell Board?
What is your age?
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Would you be interested in getting more involved with GroundSwell?
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If yes, in what areas would you be willing to be involved?
If you want to be more involved, please leave your contact information in the space below - Name and email or phone:
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