Windows Phone Interfaces and Features

I am a student at the University of Portsmouth and am conducting an anonymous survey about the Windows Phone 8.1 OS as part of my final year dissertation which will see me design, develop and publish a Universal Windows application.

This questionnaire is designed to gather information and opinions on some of the features and interfaces which a typical Windows Phone app might use.
The questionnaire is composed of 15 questions in 5 sections and should only take less than 2 minutes, the majority of the questions are optional but please take the time to fill them out if they are relevant to you.

The results of this study will be used to help me evaluate how valuable certain features are, whether they are worth implementing or held in as high regard as Microsoft suggests.

As previously stated this study is completely anonymous and at no point will any personal information be asked of you. Upon starting the questionnaire please know that you have given your consent to share the data collected in this survey with the surveyor.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this study or would like to see the results of this survey to be able to use as part of your own research you can contact me at

Thank you for your time.