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ETHNO Catalonia 2019 - Application Form
Welcome! Are you a musician, group or soloist, professional or hobby instrumentalist/singer aged 18-30 looking for a life-time experience, sharing music, performing and touring with us this Summer? We are looking for 40 participants from around the world, playing Traditional/Folk/World music to join Ethno Catalonia 2019 Music Campus/Festival & Concert Tour, between 3th-14th July!
Please read below to send your application!
Read First!
If you are interested in taking part in Ethno Catalonia 2019, please fill in this form:
(Make sure you read and answer all the questions. Thank you)
First name: *
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E-mail: *
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Phone number (including country code): *
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Are you coming as: *
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Which instrument(s) will you bring/play at Ethno? *
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Any backline requirements? *
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Do you do vocals too? *
Have you been to any Ethno before?
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Please insert a link to a video, a song or a website, where you can be heard performing your music.
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What do you eat? *
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Accommodation may be in mixed rooms. Do you prefer to be in a room with people from the same gender only?
Would you need an invitation letter for your visa? IMPORTANT: If you need a visa, please make visa arrangements as early as possible to avoid problems. *
Questions, comments, health issues, anything else we should be aware of?
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Who to contact in case of emergency while you take part in Ethno Catalonia (name, phone number, address) *
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Do you agree to grant rights to your image to the Federació Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya , CIF: G-58218595 as the federation managing the Ethno Catalonia Festival with the sole aim of promoting the festival in order to be reproduced in any of the media known at the present or which may be developed in the future. All this with the sole exception and limitation of those uses or applications which might damage the right to honour as defined in the terms stated in the law “Llei Orgànica 1/85,” 5th May, as to Civil Protection of the Right to Honour, Personal and Family Privacy and Right to Image, and covering time and territory without limit.That whenever so desired, this agreement may be revoked in writing to the Federació Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya to the end that rights to image cease to be granted.
T-shirt size *
Are you ready to apply? *
You must know:
-After you have sent your application you will have to wait for a few weeks before our leaders make a decision.
-The payment must be sent before the end of the applying period. If your country does not allow payment to be sent abroad we need to be told by you in writing and agree for an alternative method of payment to be made in each specific case.
-Absolutely no travel grants are available, regretfully.

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