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Cryonics Supporter? 15-30 min survey
Anonymous results to be used in an accepted paper in the Springer journal Sophia
Special journal issue: “Posthuman and Transhuman Bodies in Religion and Spirituality”
Author: Melanie Swan, New School University (futurist and long-time cryonics supporter)
Aim: promote cryonics in a scholarly manner and articulate community member thoughts
Time frame: ongoing - results tabulated regularly, please participate at your convenience
1. What are your principle motivations for considering or enrolling in cryonics?
2. Which method of cryopreservation did or would you select?
3a. What influences your choice of neuro versus whole-body cryopreservation?
3b. Would you prefer whole-body cryopreservation if concerns in 3a were addressed?
4. How do you think about your physical body right now? My body is …(e.g.; part of me, a platform, temporary, a current necessity)
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4a. How do you think the Star Trek Transporter works? If there is a problem, can the transmission be resent?
5. In what form would you like to be revived?
6. How essential is it to cryopreserve your brain versus create only a “digital you” from artifacts such as photos, email, blog, essays, papers?
7. What is the benefit of having your actual brain cryopreserved (versus photos, writings, etc.)?
8. How would you describe what happens to you when you are cryopreserved? (body, mind, etc.)
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9. Do you think that any trauma is experienced in cryopreservation?
10. Do you think that any trauma is experienced in revival?
11. When do you think the first revival might occur?
12a. What kind of attributes would you like to revive?
12b. What kind of memories would you like to revive?
13. Why would you like to be revived in the future?
14. My principle concerns regarding revival are
15. Does cryonics bring any of these qualities to the way we approach death in society?
16. The legal treatment and general societal perception of death is
17. What are you most concerned about in the final moments of your current physical body?
18. Regarding ceremonial aspects, do you (friends/family) plan any of the following?
19a. Does your family support your cryonics decision?
Does not support
19b. Any comments?
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20. Which disposition of your body do you prefer (if selecting neuro-cryopreservation)?
21. Do any of the following describe your views?
22a. What are three adjectives you would use to describe the cryonics community?
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22b. How long have you been interacting with the cryonics community?
22c. What would you comment about your experience with the cryonics community?
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23. Who should pay for cryopreservation?
24a. Do you think your cryonics provider is doing a good job?
24b. What would you like your cryonics provider to be doing?
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24c. Who is your cryonics provider?
25. Any other comments?
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26b. Gender identification (optional):
26c. Highest-level of education completed (optional):
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