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Gifted Programs Survey 2019-20
I am a... *
I believe the identification process is.. (found at *
Staff Development has been: (Training and information teachers and staff receive) *
What do you think are the important benefits of the gifted program to identified students? (choose all that apply) *
a mastery of core areas of learning at appropriate pace and depth
better understanding of the concepts, themes, and issues
emphasis on interdiciplinary learning
emphasis on critical and creative thinking skills
emphasis on research and problem-solving skills
expectation for high quality products
opportunities to learn with students of similar abilities and interests
enhanced self-esteem
better knowledge of one's strengths and limitations
Row 1
Do you believe our program goals fit our current needs? These are goals for our program to address. 1. Goal 1: To continue to develop a “pull out” GT program that addresses the specific needs of identified students in grades 3-5. 2. Goal 2: To provide more opportunities for secondary students including academic recognition in our schools. and 3. Goal 3: Improve communication *
Do you believe the curriculum meets the needs of gifted students? *
Do you believe that opportunities for communication and involvement have been provided to stakeholders? (, @BryantSchoolsGT Twitter and Instagram, class letters, emails, blackboard, etc) *
Do you believe funds have been adequately spent on identification, assessing, supplies, materials and opportunities? *
Is there anything we need to change about the program evaluation?
Please use this space to explain or comment on any of your answers above or other topics related to the Gifted Programs.
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