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Queer + Married Collaborations
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Share a little more about your request to collaborate? For example, if you would like to write for Q&M, tell us your topic, relationship to the topic, etc. Or if you want to featured, send us photos and share a love story, lesson, and more!
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Bonus Question: Would you be interested in attending a Queer & Married Retreat experience?
We may ask you to share writing samples, photos, etc. **Please provide appropriate artist credit.** A few things to note: 1) The Submission is made by you on a voluntary and unsolicited basis. For business ventures, a separate contract/agreement will be established. 2) Your Submission is wholly original with you, solely owned by you and no other person, firm or corporation has any right, title or interest. 3) You own the rights to your work and images, and understand that Q&M is under no obligation to use your submission. 4) The creative process is just that, a creative process. Ideas, concepts, and thoughts are ever flowing. Other collaborators may share similar experiences and expressions. Please respect the creative process of our community. *
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