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Syndicate Sunday Blogger Form

Syndicate Sunday is a discount shopping event that runs once a month. It will start on the first Sunday of every month and run for 72 hours (Sun-Tues).

• Home & Garden bloggers, as well as Male bloggers, are highly encouraged to apply.

• Items will be at out designer's stores, not an event area
• All items will be available for blogging at least 48 hours before event begins
• No themed rounds for this event. There may be other events that are done for themes, but those will be separate.

• Bloggers are required to make 2 posts each round. 1 post must be done before the round starts (Blogger packs are sent out at least 48 hours before event) and 1 post during event.
• Blog at least 4 different stores
• Blog different stores each month, do not repeat for 2 more months. This keeps it diverse each round and helps avoid being assigned stores to blog, which we do not want to ever do.
• Have a group space to join our SLS Affairs Group
• Have a Flickr
• Take High Res Photos
• Credit everything you can. None of this only crediting 1-3 items stuff, that's not cool!
• Fill in the blogger report form at the end of each round
• Use Discord and join our channel
• Make a post in the in world Second Life Syndicate Affairs group with your posts for each round. This is so designers may see the work themselves and not wonder if they had anything blogged. You may make a notice for each of your 2 posts, or one post to share all at the same time, either is acceptable.

• Have at least 100 followers
• Have an active Facebook

Mostly we are looking for creative and active people who aren't scared to have some fun and make interesting posts. You need to be flexible in style and have an awesome personality where we can see you are having fun! Don't be shy to apply if you fit this description.

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