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Bara Sapir's Full Potential Strategy Session Pre-Chat Information Form
Hi there! So great to see you made it over here. I'm excited to speak with you to discuss actionable steps you can take to move towards your goal - - whether that's earning top score on a high stakes tests, releasing test anxiety, or changing habits that no longer serve you. Before we talk, I'd love to learn a little more about you to make our time together helpful and efficient. Fill this out, and at the end you'll find the link to set up our 15-minute Full Potential Strategy Session! Thanks!

I can't wait to share catalysts and sure fire methods you can make to meet your goals and manifest your dreams.

Until soon!

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Awesome! Great job! All done!
Now set up your 15-minute time with me here: If none of the times offered work, reach out to me directly at

Looking forward to helping you make shifts and changes for good!

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