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What are Your Views on Climate Change? (Survey)
Hi, my name is Faye and I am a Grade 9 student at J.V. Humphries. I am looking to see what Kaslo People think about Climate Change and what actions, if any, you would pursue in terms of mitigating climate change. Please feel free to share this survey with others using this shortened link, Passing this survey on helps me more accurately represent Kaslo's veiws on this topic.
***Please note this survey is completely anonymous***
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At this point in your life where do your views on Climate Change stand? *
Dismissive/ Skeptical
Alarmed/ Concerned
What makes you feel this way?
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Did you ever think differently about climate change, if so when in your life? What made you change your mind to your current beliefs?
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If you are closer to alarmed/concerned but you feel like you can't take action, what makes you feel that way? What is it that is in your way of reducing your greenhouse gas emissions? (For example, prices of ecofriendly alternatives could be in your way)
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Which of the following actions would you be willing to take in order to help mitigate climate change? (Check all that apply) *
Anything else you'd like to say?
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Thank you for your time!
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