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Civil Wonders
New technologies and materials have allowed the humans to build structures increasingly impressive and complex, paying tribute to the modern society's ability for achieving the unachievable and refusing the notion of "It can't be done". This competition allows the participants to explore the astonishing works of civil engineering. This competition, allowing general people explore the extraordinary feats of civil engineering, quenches the thirst of curious minds.
The winner of this competition will be decided by jury members. Their decision will be fair and unguided. Cash prize of Rs. 7,000 will be awarded to winner and Rs. 4,000 to first runner up.
Venue: Kathford International College of Engineering and Management, Balkumari, Lalitpur (Engineering Block)
Date: 29th and 30th Poush
Registration : Mangsir 23th to Poush 20th.

Registration fee: Rs. 2,000 (Per team )

Rajendra Bista - 9868554203
email -

1 Project should be presented for 2 days.
2 Participants must have in-depth knowledge about the structure they are presenting.
3 Participants should be able to clarify their project from general people to professionals.
4 Participants are required to present their projects through photographs and slides i.e. (both hard and soft media).
5 Participants should be able to present the historical background and reason for their project to be civil wonder.
6 A group can contain up to 4 members.
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