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PTO Grant Request
All grant requests should be for programs, projects or materials that enhance Cox Mill Elementary and align with the PTO Bylaws. Priority will be given to grant applications that:
• Have a clear purpose.
• Address a specific need of the CMES Community.
• Benefit a large number of CMES students.
• Have no other avenue for funding (district, school, corporate, parent, etc.)
• Have matching funds from other sources.
Staff Member/Group *
Describe Project/Item(s) *
Projected Cost *
Subject Area/Grade Level Impacted *
What Learning/School Objectives does this Address? (Who benefits, how and for how long?) *
What is the Timetable (when do you need funding?) *
If there is anything else you'd like to add, please feel free to submit additional information.
Thank You!
Proposals may be for projects, activities, books, equipment or anything that enhances the academic lives of children at Cox Mill Elementary School. While preference is given to proposals that offer school-wide access to students, teachers and/or parents are also encouraged to submit proposals that will benefit their individual classrooms or grade level. We anticipate that the majority of requests will be for amounts less than $1,000. Funds will not be awarded until the end of the 2016-2017 school year to benefit the school in the 2017-2018 school year.

Principal Alison Moore will do the first review of proposals for content, appropriateness, and to determine if alternate funding sources are available. The PTO board will then review requests. We look forward to hearing about your project.
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