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Hitsupod Build Form
Hi! Welcome to my page to get a custom keyboard commissioned.

I provide a full assembly service, and a breakdown of what is expected is below:

Services by Me:
- Labor to clip and lubricate stabilizers
- Switch Lubing
- Soldering switches
- Aligning keycaps (Applicable for half plate or plateless builds)
- QMK Flashing keymap
- Streaming build & Sound test on YouTube

Provided by Client:
- Keyboard case
- Keyboard plate
- Keyboard PCB
- Switches
- Keycaps (Optional, I can provide for the stream/sound test)
- Stabilizers
* If you need help finding parts, please let me know! I will do my best to help you find parts but please note that in-stock items can sometimes be hard to find so there might be a waiting period.
- Shipping costs (Both Ways)
* As of right now, Must be shipped within the United States, as shipping internationally is a bit of a mess. Local dropoff/pickup is available for those vaccinated.
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