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New- Adopt-A-Dog Inc. Volunteer Application
The purpose of the Adopt-A-Dog volunteer program is to provide a welcoming environment where our organization can create a positive impact on our community and give people the chance to dedicate their time making a difference into the lives of homeless animals any way they can.
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Are you 18 years or older? This application is for volunteers 18 years or older. If you are younger than 18 please use this link to fill out the correct application. *
How did you hear about Adopt-A-Dog? *
Why have you decided to volunteer with Adopt-A-Dog? (Community Service, School Project, Free Time?) *
Have you volunteered with Adopt-A-Dog in the past? *
Have you volunteered with a shelter before? *
Do you have restrictions that would limit your working with animals (Disabilities, Illnesses, Allergies (pets, bees, peanuts))? (Please note- having a disability,etc does not disqualify a volunteer from working with our animals, but we recommend that volunteers be in good physical condition to volunteer as some tasks may be physically demanding). *
By being an Adopt-A-Dog volunteer, you may be asked to assist in tasks that may involve cleaning areas, general housekeeping and property upkeep. Are you will to contribute to these responsibilities? *
Do you have experience around animals? Any pets? If yes, please explain: *
Are you nervous around any particular size or breed of dog? *
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Tell us more about yourself. Do you have any special talents? Abilities? Hobbies? Connections? Training? *
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Volunteering is very important to Adopt-A-Dog. Is there a set day or number of hours each week you can devote to assisting with our program? If not how many hours do you need/want to accomplish? *
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Are you volunteering for a temporary period of time? If yes, please explain *
Are you willing or interested in providing a foster home for a pet? *
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? *
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