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Servas Taiwan Host/Day Host list
English family name *
e.g. Wang 姓氏英文
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English first name *
e.g. Mei 名字英文
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Chinese Name *
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Year of birth *
e.g.1975 西元出生年
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Gender *
Host type *
Living city *
Home Address *
You can only offer the Street/ Road name if you worry this host list may be taken by non-members and cause your inconvenience. 如果您擔心這份資料如被非會員取得會造成困擾,您可以只提供街名
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Near to *
e.g. 4 bus stops to Longshan Temple Metro Station住家靠近哪裡,可寫離家最近的地標
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Postal code *
5-number postal code, e.g.10870五碼郵遞區號
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Mobile phone *
e.g. +886-917-XXX-XXX手機號碼
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email *
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Occupation/profession *
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Interests *
at least 3, e.g. swimming, jogging, reading, movie 興趣至少寫3個
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other international organisations you join有參加其他國際組織,請寫組織名
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Traveled? *
Where have you traveled? 曾到過哪些地方旅行?
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Lived? *
Which country have you lived outside Taiwan? 除了台灣之外,您曾經住在哪些國家或地區?
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Languages *
What languages do you speak in additional to Chinese? Please write "Eng" for fluent English, or "eng" for basic English. If you can speak Japanese fluently, please write "Jap".除了中文之外您會說哪一種語言,如能說得流利,第一個英文字母大寫,例如,能說流利英文,請填Eng,如能說基本會話,字母全部小寫,例如能說基本英文,請填eng
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Vacations *
the annual leave and you are not at home, e.g. Jul. Aug.如您每年有固定假期無法讓別人入住,請寫下無法讓人入住的日期或月份
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Lived with (Name, Gender, Birth Year, Profession)
Whom do yo live with? e.g. Lee, F,1941, chi-kung coach請寫下與您同住的家人的名字,姓別,出生年,專長或興趣
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Number able to host *
e.g. 2P = two persons regardless of sex, 1W=one woman, 您家裡可以接待幾位入住,如為2位,請寫2P,如只限一位女性入住,請寫1W
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You have place also for children 家裡有空間給小孩入住嗎?
More travelers? *
You want more travelers becuase you seldom get host/day host request您很少接待他國會員而希望有更多會員入住您家嗎?
Sleeping bag
Do travelers have to bring sleeping bag? 入住您家的國外會員需要自己準備睡袋嗎?
Smoking inside?
Smoking inside allowed? 您家中可以抽煙嗎?
Advise if and which type of animal you have at home e.g: 2 dogs , 1 cat 如果您家有養動物,請在此註明,例如2隻狗請寫2 dogs
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Disabled facilities for wheelchair
The house is accessible also to handicapped person 您家是可以讓輪椅或行動不便的會員方便入住的嗎?
More information?
More information you want to tell travelers 如想告訴入住的會員更多資訊,請在這裡填寫
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