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Gainesville City School System Field Trip & Bus Request
STOP! To be completed by individuals outside of Gainesville City Schools ONLY
Gainesville City Schools Employees must complete the field trip request form located on their school's webpage
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Regulations Governing Use of School Buses
1. Day trip requests must be made one week in advance of the trip.
2. Overnight trip requests must be made 30 days in advance. These trips require Board approval.
3. Using agency will accept full responsibility for students’ supervisions and transportation home.
4. Using agency is responsible for any physical damage to the bus by the riders.
5. Qualified drivers, approved in advance by Transportation will be permitted to drive the buses.
6. Any cost listed below will be paid to the Gainesville Board of Education.

Note: All field trips during school hours must be back to the school by 1:30 pm if a driver is requested. If a late return time is required, the school must provide a driver.

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Funding for Field Trip
Estimation to be completed by requesting school/agency/athletics
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Cost Per Hour: $19.19
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Number of Miles *
Cost Per Mile: $2.00
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Sur Charge: $20.00
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Note: You will be invoiced for the cost of the trip unless it is system-funded
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