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30% by '30 ʻUlu Flour Initiative
Hawaiʻi imports virtually 100% of our staple foods, yet ensuring long-term food security and resilience requires boosting local production and processing in this critical food category - of which flour and flour products are an integral part.

To support this vision, the Hawaiʻi Farmers Union Foundation, Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Cooperative, and Voyaging Foods have partnered on an initiative to promote replacing up to 30% of flour use in home and commercial kitchens with that made from local starches by 2030.

This survey is intended to gather preliminary data on consumer interest, experience, and knowledge regarding utilization of ʻulu (breadfruit) flour, specifically. As an indigenous tree crop, ʻulu offers unparalleled potential to mitigate climate change, increase food security, and perpetuate Native Hawaiian cultural traditions.  We are now in the early planning stages of scaling ʻulu flour production and are looking for partners to join the movement, help test products, and assist with both product and market development.

We greatly appreciate your participation in this survey! Please share your email below and we will keep you informed of project updates and product availability for sampling and purchase (anticipated in Summer 2020). We also welcome any inquiries for broader collaboration.  Mahalo nui!
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