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Advanced Profession Request
There are a few things we look for in those requesting Advanced Professions.

1) Reputation in the Community. We are looking to see if your character has a suitable reputation and playstyle that fits. We are looking for characters who stand out in their path. That person everyone would consider the “go-to” for whatever that AP symbolizes. Each AP has its own flavour, but in general you need to be acknowledged by the community for your leadership and/or prowess.

2) Contribution to the IC Community. We are looking for characters that actively contribute to the creation of IC community. Characters that take an active role in the game to motivate, inspire, and create are at the forefront of consideration for an AP. AP's are there to help guide the world around them. They're to use their Advanced Profession to make the story ever greater.

3) Costuming and Role-play. We are also looking for characters whose costuming is exceptional and truly fits the AP, as well as those whose RP fits the chosen AP.

4) Contribution to the OOC Community. Finally, we are looking for those who are contributing on an out of character level to the DR Community. We are looking for players that actively involve themselves in our community to make it a better place and serve not only as exemplars of role-play and costuming but also of player behavior and dedication.

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Please list a description of all requirements for Advanced Profession, hightlighting those that qualify you.
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Tell us why you feel this suits you. Let us know how you plan to help the community and world around you grow with this AP. Tell us how you came to learn about this Advanced Profession in game and what you've done in your roleplay that leads you to this path.
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I understand that Advanced Professions are rare, are not given out lightly, and often require years of role play to achieve. I understand that my request will be considered, reviewed, and I should have absolutely no expectation of being rewarded with an Advanced Profession. I may only submit for an Advanced Profession once every six months, and I understand that Advanced Profession requests take time to process. I understand that I should only request for review once I have attained all requirements for my Advanced Profession. I understand this review will take time and require patience on my end.
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