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Volunteer Extras
Thank you for wanting to volunteer your time to be in the Hooked feature film. We're a team of professionals and over 300 volunteers who are passionate about making a film that brings awareness to human trafficking and autism. By volunteering your time, you're making our film possible! We'll include you in events surrounding the film and you'll get your name in the credits. Please fill out your info here and use one form per person.
Please note:
We are asking each person who is wanting to join our team to follow our movie on Seed and Spark. It's free to do and makes our movie eligible for a film grant. Please visit, press the "Follow" button, and register to follow our movie. Thanks!
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Because of our low budget, we'll provide snacks and water but we are not able to provide meals for extras. If you are chosen, are you able to bring lunch for yourself? *
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Please attach a headshot of yourself. (to shrink the file size of your photo, please visit
Filming days are typically 12-14 hours long, with the goal of 12 hours. We will usually start early in the morning. For certain locations, we will start in the evening and shoot overnight. When you choose your availability, please choose days when you are available to start any time during that 24 hour period. For example, if you choose August 8, it means you're available at 5 am to film for 12-14 hours, or at 5pm to film for 12-14 hours.
Please choose ALL DAYS you are available. We will only cast you for 1 or 2 days.
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