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「亞太品牌發展及加盟協會」會員申請表格 Asia Branding & Franchising Association Membership Application Form
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業務地址 Business Registration Address *
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聲明 Declaration

Our company wishes to apply for a membership in the 'Asia Branding and Franchising Association', we hereby solemnly and sincerely declare that the particulars entered into this form are true in all respects. We understand the Association has absolute discretion to review, accept, or reject this application. We agree to be bound by any decision made by the Association on this application and agree to comply the Rules of the Association as set out in the Memorandum and Article of Association and Disciplinary Proceedings by laws of the Association. We also agree to pay the relevant entrance fee, annual subscription fee, and any other relevant fees if our application for the membership is accepted.

聲明同意書 Declaration Agreement *
申請所需文件 Submission of documents
a. 有效商業登記証副本 Valid Business Registration (Soft Copy)
b. 入會費為港幣$2,500 一年 或 $6,000 永久 Membership fee at HK$2,500 per year / HK$6000 lifetime
● 請簽發劃線支票,支票抬頭: “亞太品牌發展及加盟協會” 或直接存入“恆生銀行”, 戶口號碼:288 591605001
Please issue a crossed cheque payable to “ Asia Branding and Franchising Association" or direct transfer to "Hang Seng Bank", Account number: 288 591605001
聯繫會們 Contact Us
電話 Tel: +852 2307 1091
傳真 Fax: +852 3011 6803
秘書長: Amy Zee (+852 9699 3194)

電郵 Email:
網址 website:

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