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Jane Pit Community Questionnaire
Workington Town Council and other partners are looking at creating a memorial to the miners of Workington by stabilising the Jane Pit buildings, the only remaining pit head and buildings in the town and also creating a much improved community area. The area would also provide information on the history and heritage of the site.

We wanted to ask your opinion on the area, how it’s currently used and what you would like to see done with the site.

The questionnaire should only take 5 minutes to complete.
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What would you refer to these buildings as?
Captionless Image
If you use the area around Jane Pit, how often to you use it?
Do you visit Jane Pit and if so, why do you visit?
Are any of the following issues for you within the Jane Pit area?
Not a problem
Minor issue
Concerns me at times
Often an issue
Major concern
Lack of footpaths/trails
Lack of seating
Little/lack of bins
Dog fouling
Poor signage
Lack of facilities (e.g. toilets)
No / limited play area
Lack of parking
Environment in poor condition
Lack of health, wellbeing and sports activities
Few volunteer opportunities
Few heritage based skills development opportunities
Few educational activities about the local heritage
Lack of nature experience (sensory gardens/tree/shrubs)
Lack of cultural heritage events - tours/talks
Antisocial behaviour
What facilities would you like to see in the area? (e.g. seating, information panels, bins, paths, trees etc.)
Your answer
Which activities would you be most interested in if they were available free of charge in this area during the proposed project?
Not interested
Archaeological dig
Archives workshop
Oral history recording
Digital workshops
Children's archaeologial dig
Landscape drawing session
Storytelling tour of the building
Miners walk - talk and tour of all pit head locations in the town
Coffee and chat - chat about history of Jane Pit
Photography workshop
Information panels - boards detailing history of Jane Pit
Workshops / activities that result in a qualification gain
'Who do you think you are?' family history research event
What other activities would you like to see in this area?
Your answer
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Your answer
Do you believe that this is a worthwhile project to commemorate Workington's mining history and heritage?
Would you give your support and backing to Workington Town Council in their applications for external funding and to them making a financial contribution to this project?
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