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Staff iPad Checkout Form
This form is for you to fill out when you are issued an iPad. This form doesn't need to be printed. By typing your signature, you are signing this form. Thank you for helping us save paper!!!
1. What is the Serial Number in the General Settings of the iPad you are being issued? Click <Settings> <General> <About> *
2. Please initial, that you understand that if your school issued iPad is stolen, you will contact the police immediately and file a report. Then contact your campus administrator and provide a copy of the police report. *
3. Please initial, that you understand that if your iPad is lost or damaged, you will contact your campus administrator immediately. If your iPad is damaged, you will fill out a Technology Request and the technician assigned to your campus will retrieve the device. Replacement power adapters and/or USB cable is the responsibility of the employee. *
4. Please initial that you will not take your iPad out of the protective case. *
5. In what building do you work? *
6. Please enter the date below. *
7. Please type your first and last name as it appears on your birth certificate or social security card. Your typed name represents your signature. Then click the submit button. *
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