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Wanna organize a game of queer soccer? an experience/ population specific discussion group? a conflict resolution workshop?

Bricks and Glitter is a non-hierarchical, open source festival (August 23 - September 1, 2019) for and by people who are trans, Two-spirit and/or queer. All are invited to organize events under the umbrella of Bricks & Glitter.

We are requesting that people, groups, collectives or organizations with an interest in participating in next year's festival get in touch as soon as possible. This helps us with grant writing, for one, but it also gives us a rough idea of the resources we might have access to, the resources that might be needed and any gaps in the programming that should be addressed.

This is not an official submission, nothing you submit is binding. We will use this information for grant writing and will follow up with you towards the end of 2018 to invite you to a follow-up meeting to discuss your submission further. Please message if you have any questions.
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