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Nature Presence Canoe Trip August 13-16, 2021
Your feedback to these 15 questions will help with continued improvement to the Nature Presence canoe trip experience.
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Did the trip promotional and overview clearly communicate the trip? *
Was the reservation and payment system easy to use? *
Was the packing list helpful? *
Where the trip updates and camper introductions helpful? *
Was the arrival at Driftwood Paddle welcoming and organized? *
Did the trip route and portages match the your abilities and comfort levels? *
Was the camp gear and campsite suitable? *
Was the trip guide (Chris) knowledgable, helpful, and friendly? *
Was the Wellness Self-Check clear, enjoyable, and helpful? *
Was the food tasty, nutritious , and appropriately portioned? *
Was the return to base camp welcoming, organized, and have appropriate celebration? *
Was the trip long enough? *
Was the trip and wellness self-check a good value? *
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