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IC Ambassador Application
Hello USY! We are excited to invite you all into the IC planning and promotion process as IC ambassadors. Working as an IC Ambassador is an incredible opportunity for any USYer, no matter the grade or region, to help influence the creation of this year's new IC Everywhere experience! We are looking for 2 USYers from each region to join our team as IC Ambassadors. We are looking for USY leaders who are enthusiastic, driven, motivated, sociable, creative, and most importantly, ready to help create an environment at IC that represents the best of USY. The type of environment built on interaction, close knit relationships, friends, family, and a sense of home. If this sounds like you, then please apply below! Applications close at 3:00pm EST on September 18th, so don't delay, and apply today!

Sam, Reena, and Jacob
IC Everywhere Chairpeople
Responsibilities of an IC Ambassador
IC Ambassadors will work alongside the IC Co-Chairs to promote IC in their individual regions. Part of our goal in creating IC Everywhere is to truly capitalize on the newfound accessibility of IC. This will work in two ways: First, IC Ambassadors will be responsible for executing and distributing promotional materials created by the chairs to their regions. In this sense, they will work as an extension of the IC team. Second, IC Ambassadors will work with the IC Co-Chairs to develop and implement a plan tailor-made for their specific region. We recognize that we, the chairs, do not know every region as well as everyone else does. We need you and your expertise. As such, we want to work with you to develop and roll out a plan that works for your region, not just all of USY.

Beyond promotion, IC Ambassadors will also play a role in guiding the planning of convention. We want to ensure that all USYers have their voices heard in the IC planning process as we also work to introduce IC to new members. IC Ambassadors will be expected to participate in a monthly meeting with the Co-Chairs where they will receive an update on the planning of convention and will give feedback based on their previous experiences with IC and with their region.

What is the time commitment?
In addition to a monthly meeting, IC Ambassadors will work a couple hours a week helping to promote IC at a grassroots level. Most of all, we want you to know your feedback will be heard and considered, and we will do our best to integrate your thoughts into the planning. As such, we hope your commitment to us and IC will feel fun, fast paced, and collaborative.
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