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Founder & Cofounder Registration
Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 6pm - 8.00pm
Location: Lounge47, Bangalore, India
Deadline for Startup registration: 12 hours before event start

Founders and Cofounder of a Startup should register here - one entry per team member. Each entry guarantees one seat.
This form is only for founders or co-founders. If you are not one, don't fill this form.

++Indicates that this information will be kept confidential and only shared with investors so that it helps them understand your Startup better, faster.

(1) All Fields require a response.
(2) Verify form before you submit, you cannot edit later.
(3) One entry for one founder. If your co-founders plan to attend the event, please have them register on this form as well.
(4) This is a DEMO pitch. No pitch decks required.

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