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Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture Stakeholders' Survey
Please note that your responses are completely anonymous. Thank you for taking the time to answer the below questions.
1. What is your gender? *
2. What age group do you belong to? *
3. What sector in the tourism industry are you affiliated with? *
4a. What is/are your preferred online medium to receive/share tourism related information? *
4.b If television, please specify channel.
4c. If other, please specify.
5a. How do you prefer to view tourism education and customer service information? *
5b. If other, please specify.
6a. Do you listen to the radio? *
6b. If yes, what times do you listen to the radio?
7. Which radio station do you prefer to get information from?
8. What other methods of communication would you like to see the Ministry of Tourism utilize to transmit information? *
9a. What type(s) of information would you like to receive from the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture? *
9b. If other, please specify.
10a. Have you seen or heard any promotion(s) from the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture? *
10b. If yes, please indicate the medium where you have seen or heard the promotion(s).
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