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Questionnaire on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) scheme
The aim of this questionnaire is to learn about the needs and expectations of our target groups: public authorities and private sector within Public-Private Partnership Scheme (PPP) and revitalization. Definitions:

• Public-Private Partnership Scheme (PPP) is a contractual agreement between a public and private partner for the delivery of public infrastructure projects and services, where certain risks are transferred to the private sector (notably with regard to the whole life asset management and service provision and/or financing of the project).
• Public partner is a public sector authority (local, regional, national level) in charge of PPP policy, decision-making and the preparation and procurement of PPP project.
• Private partner is e.g. a company, enterprise, who work together with the public sector to deliver public infrastructure projects and services under a PPP contract.

This questionnaire is conducted under the RESTAURA "Revitalising Historic Buildings through Public-Private Partnership Schemes" project co-funded by the Interreg Central Europe Programme aiming at identifying, testing, evaluating and promoting good practices on PPP approaches in revitalization of historical cities and buildings.

For any difficulties in accessing or completing the questionnaire online, please contact the Foundation for Landscape Protection,
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