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The Rensselaer IDEA Services Request
Thank you for you interest in services from The Rensselaer IDEA. Please use this form to provide further details about how the IDEA can help you. For further information please contact John Erickson <> or Jim Hendler <>

Currently the Rensselaer IDEA provides the following systems and services:
* IDEA Compute Cluster: 4 x 48 core + 4 GPUs + storage
* High performance computation (RPI Internal)
* Group-oriented data confinement for project teams, classes
* IDEA Campfire: Multi-dimensional Immersive Visualization
* IDEA Hosted Data Analytics Environment
* Shared analytics environment for teams and classes
* RStudio Server (availalble today): RStudio for individuals or teams (incl. R Notebooks)
* JupyterHub (future): Jupyter Notebooks environment
* IDEA Data Analytics
* General or focused practical tutorials ("Bootcamps") on methods
* Data INCITE Lab: Applied data analytics research (internal, external funding)
* IDEA Facilities: Data INCITE Lab (AE217), Campfire, meeting spaces (CII & AE)
* IDEA Speaker Series
* RPI R Users Group: Email list, bi-weekly meetings, general and topical data analytics "bootcamps"

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