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Well being daily check in
This survey asks questions about general well-being and health habits. By taking this survey daily, we can collect information that can help to show if specific interventions (therapy, drug, meditation) affect patterns of emotion and health behavior. Save/bookmark this page; you will be needing it again.

In a randomized order, this form will ask you some questions about your well being and your experience of 20 human emotions over the last day. This is a tool to notice and collect data about daily and weekly changes of someone's emotional and health life. This can help you notice what "gets to you" in both good and bad ways.

This takes a snapshot of what your emotional and physical life has looked like in the last day. For each emotion, a 0 response signifies you only experienced this very slightly or not at all, where a 3 means that you experience this extremely. Please choose the option that best fits your experience over the last day.

Thank you so much for your generosity in providing your data for our study. You can fill this survey out as often as you'd like. We recommend every day.

For writing longer form responses about your experience (we recommend once a month, though some people find once a week or once every two weeks to be more helpful), the form is here:

Using this form to get in touch with the researchers may create a delay in response. If you have any concerns or questions, you can contact the research team at

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Ashamed: feeling shame for doing something wrong or foolish
Irritable: feeling easily annoyed
Focused: able to direct specific attention
Distressed: feeling extremely anxious
Depressed: generally unhappy or despondent
Proud: having a sense of achievement
Jittery: feeling agitated and edgy
Strong: feeling able to cope with difficulties
Clear: free of unpleasantness or confusion
Active: feeling full of energy
Interested: wanting to be involved in something
Attentive: paying close attention
Guilty: feeling regret for doing something wrong
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