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2019 JH/HS Winter Camp YP Registration

Green Lake Christian Conference Center, at Green Lake Wisconsin. For emergencies, call the camp at 920-294-3323 or 800-558-8898.


1. Registration/Medical release (this form)
2. Have a heart to gain the Lord and the Word.
3. Agree to participate in all the weekend activities and be obedient to the serving ones.


>Sack dinner to eat on the way or money to buy dinner (first meal is Sat. breakfast).
>Warm clothing, hats, gloves, and boots FOR SURE!
>Clothing for weekend, toothbrush, and lotion/medications.
>Extra shoes and socks are be GOOD IDEAS.
>SLEDS and GUITARS (talk to your driver first be if there's enough space).
>Cash for lunch on the way home on the Lord’s Day.

Every year, we have young people who are not properly clothed going to the sledding hill and end up getting very cold.

DO NOT BRING: Don’t bring sleeping bags - The camp provides sheets, blankets, pillows & towels. Do not bring cell phones, books, playing cards, knives, fireworks, etc. Please do not bring MP3s or IPODS, not even to play on the way to and from the camp. We want to separate this time fully to the Lord and His Word.

***** Special note to Parents and All Saints with a heart for the Young People: *****

WE WANT PARENTS AND ALL THE SAINTS WITH A HEART FOR THE YOUNG PEOPLE TO COME TO WINTER CAMP! This weekend could be a very special time for parents and their children. If every young person brought a parent…that would be wonderful. Please pray and come! This year we will have at least one meeting just for parents (and at least one meeting for all other serving ones) separately but concurrently with the meetings for the young people. It takes both the parents and the serving ones shepherding the young people together to prepare and equip them to be useful to the Lord.

Friday, February 15th through the Lord's Day, February 17th.

We hope that everyone can be there between 7:00 and 10:00 PM on Friday. We will leave the camp before lunch on the Lord's Day.

Cost (Due January 30th):
$90 Checks payable to your local church. (If you cancel out, we void the check) The $90 includes gas money! All drivers will be given cash at the camp.
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