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Arts & Sciences Tournament Pre-Registration
For Pre-Registration into the Arts & Sciences Tournament of Keep on the Borderlands 2018

A gentle reminder from the Written Entries Category:

"Entries less than 1500 words, not including citation (if / where applicable) will be due two (2) weeks before the event. Entries greater than 1500 words will be due one (1) month before the event. Entries greater than 5000 words, not including citation (if / where applicable) will not be allowed without prior approval."

Written entries can be uploaded below in the pre-registration form

Blank pages will be provided for those that do not bring their own entry write-ups. It is *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* that you provide your own thought-out and nicely put together write-up versus scribbling down half-remembered details the day of the competition.

Please feel free to upload your write-up in the portion of the pre-registration form provided below.

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