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LHS Stage Crew Contract
The stage crew is just as important to the success of our production as are the actors and directors. Therefore, they must have the same amount of commitment to the show as the cast. Stage crew meets 3-4 times a week from January through the show performances. Some weeks will be much busier than others. We meet at the same time as the cast is rehearsing—3-5:30 is the standard amount of time. By the end of January, we will be meeting every day after school; same as the cast.

A schedule will be posted on the website:

DISCLAIMER: We want you to work as a true theater company…so we want to have people skilled at doing many different jobs for our shows. Please do not appoint yourself to a position as you will be placed somewhere different each show (so our crew becomes super strong). Mr. Rush will be giving out positions based on the meetings and attendance.

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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Stage crew members must *
Please check all to show you understand.
I understand I will be assigned a position: *
Are you in DECA, wrestling, swimming, Gospel Choir, Mock Trial? Do you understand that involvement in these activities conflicts with the crew schedule. Do you understand that you need to make a choice of which to be involved in (otherwise you will miss over 3 rehearsals)? *
Do you understand that hair and make up crew must show up to help with building and painting in order to secure a job on the crew? We give these positions to people who have dedicated their time to the show from the start and you cannot just show up and just put yourself in these positions? *
Do you understand that you have to turn in this form the week of auditions? *
Do you understand that if you are not on our list (by filling out and turning in this form the week of auditions), you will not be allowed backstage? In the past we have had people just show up and not fill out a form or follow the rules of the theater company, which isn’t fair to those who have followed the rules. *
I understand that I may be doing a different type of crew job this time around for the good of the whole company. *
I am willing to help with the show in whatever area I am asked to. *
I understand where to find the rehearsal schedule on the website. *
I understand that after missing 3 rehearsals (just like the actors) I will lose my spot on the crew. *
I understand that show nights I need to be preparing the stage for performance pre-show and checking and rechecking everything (not socializing., taking pictures…playing with sound equipment /props or distracting the actors) and after the show I need to help clean up with the cast. *
Please print out and sign the crew contract and coach form available on Mrs.Baldwin's website. *
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