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What's the problem with women deacons?
Nothing, says Phyllis Zagano, scholar of women's ordination in the early church.

Do you agree?

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1. Women should be ordained as deacons.
2. I was aware that the early church ordained women deacons.
3. Ordaining women as deacons would be consistent with tradition.
4. Ordaining women as deacons would change everything in the church.
5. The church doesn’t even need male deacons, much less female deacons.
6. All this obsession with ordination is a sign of clericalism.
7. Ordaining women as deacons would give them too much power.
8. If women are ordained as deacons, they should also be ordained as priests.
9. Women are well represented in church leadership.
10. The church will never ordain women as deacons.
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